Creating New From The Old

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If you have worked with funeral homes in Mount Holly, NJ on a loved one’s final services, you have given them what they needed and you have honored them well with the funeral you had. Once you let that settle and you grieve for a bit, you might start to think about how you are going to move into the future and find a new sense of normal. When you are ready, you might go through your loved one’s belongings and start to decide what you want to do with what they left behind. You might distribute things to loved ones, donate certain items, and you may even make a few things from the old items they had. Here are some things you can make.

Create Displays From Plates

Your loved one had their own plates and perhaps even some nice china. You can keep the sets together and use them, but if you don’t need a set, perhaps you will want to make something from the plates instead. You can get plate holders and give each family member a plate to set up in their home to remember the times all of you were together with your loved one. You can also set the plates up in a shadow box to put on display. It’s simple, elegant, and a nice way to reuse something that you might otherwise just get rid of.

Teacups Become Candle Holders

Your loved one may have adored having tea and if they had teacups, you can reuse those cups for tea in your own home, or you can make them into candle holders and distribute them among family members who can enjoy them as memorials to your loved one. You can set the teacup candle holders near pictures of that person and perhaps burn the candles in their honor when you want to think of them. More people are moving forward and even planning their own cremation services.

funeral homes in Mount Holly, NJ Clothing Into Quilts

There is likely a closet full of clothes left behind and you can weed through those items and donate the things you don’t recognize. But there are going to be some pieces that carry a lot of memories with them, and those are harder to get rid of. Perhaps you can take those items and turn the clothing items into a quilt. This blanket can become quite special over the years. It is something you can wrap yourself up in on the days when you miss your loved one the most. It’s not the same, but it can feel like a hug from them.

Records/CDs Are Now Clocks

If your loved one had a record collection or even owned some CDs, those items can be rather beautiful when you make them into a wall clock. Use certain albums that meant a lot to them and distribute them to family members.

Jewelry Can Be Remade

You might run across jewelry that you can wear as-is, though there are other items that you know you wouldn’t wear. Take those items and remake them into new pieces that your family members might appreciate after services with funeral homes in Mount Holly, NJ.

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