Cremation Services: How to Involve Children in the Memorial Process

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In the world of bereavement and grieving, not everyone is equally equipped to understand and cope with loss. This is especially true for children, who are still in the process of developing emotional and cognitive skills. Cremation services Lumberton, NJ, we are redefining the way we approach bereavement, particularly through cremation services.


Understanding Death from a Child’s Perspective

One of the most challenging aspects of involving children in the memorial process is their varied understanding of death. Depending on their age and maturity, children may not fully grasp the concept of permanence associated with death. Therefore, the first step is to address their concerns and explain the situation in a way that is age-appropriate and empathetic.


Explaining the Cremation Process

Once children have some understanding of death, it is appropriate to explain the cremation process. It is crucial to use simple language and avoid any specific details that might confuse or scare the child. For instance, you might say that cremation is a way of saying goodbye to the deceased, a special ceremony where we honor their memory.


Preparing for the Memorial Service

When it comes to preparing for the memorial service, involving children can be a healing and inclusive practice. You can encourage them to participate by helping in small tasks such as creating memorial cards, drawing pictures, or choosing a favorite song. This allows them to contribute to the service and gives them a sense of control during a potentially disorienting time.


Participating in the Ceremony

Allowing children to participate in the ceremony can help them feel more connected to the departed. This could mean reading a favorite story, sharing a memorable anecdote, or even singing a cherished song. These moments of shared memories can offer comfort and create a lasting bond among family members.


Creating a Memory Keepsake

Creating a keepsake in memory of the departed is a tangible way for children to remember their loved ones. These could be photo albums, memory boxes, or pieces of art that reflect fond memories of the deceased. Through these mementos, children can have a physical reminder that they can turn to whenever they feel the need to connect.

Cremation services Lumberton, NJ

Finding Comfort After the Memorial

After the memorial, children should be encouraged to express their feelings, ask questions, and find comfort in family and friends. This is the time to reinforce that it is okay to feel sad and miss the deceased, but it’s also okay to remember the happy times and smile. Sharing feelings should be encouraged, whether through conversations, drawings, writing, or any medium the child feels comfortable with.


Support and Guidance Throughout the Process

Involving children in the memorial process can be a delicate matter, but with thoughtful consideration, it can foster resilience and understanding. The professionals at Perinchief Chapels are trained to guide families through this process, ensuring that children are treated with respect and understanding.


To learn more about our approach to memorial services, we encourage you to inquire further about our cremation services in Lumberton, NJ. We are here to provide support, guidance, and resources during this challenging time. Remember, every child and every family is unique, and so should be their way of mourning and remembering.

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