Delivering A Eulogy At A Funeral

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It’s not every day you get asked to deliver a eulogy for someone you know who has passed on. If your family does ask you to do that, you should have a little time to prepare in advance. It’s a good idea to talk to funeral homes in Mount Holly, NJ to get ideas and options. Here are a few tips that can help you with the process as well.


Start Early On Writing

As soon as you find out about your speech, you are going to want to start working on it. Start by writing out a few outline ideas and collecting things you want to include. That can help you to get started in the right direction. An outline and jotted ideas will give you a place to start as you sit down and start to write.


Collaborate With Memories

You don’t have to use just your ideas and memories for the eulogy. In fact, it can be even more special if you collaborate with other family members. Ask others about special memories they have or things they think might be fun to include. It can help you to get other things to add to the speech and it can bring them into that memorialization process, too. Grieving may never completely end, but working through the difficult feelings can become easier with time.


Practice Makes Comfort

Once you have some things written out, start practicing what you will say and how you will say it. That can help you to be comfortable with what you are going to say. The more times you practice, the more comfortable you will be when the day to actually deliver the eulogy comes. You want to be comfortable so you can convey that sense of comfort to those you are speaking to as well.


Bring A Copy Along

funeral homes in Mount Holly, NJSince you likely started with writing out the eulogy, you should have a copy of it. Even if you plan to give the eulogy mostly from memory, it never hurts to have a written out version with you. Bring that copy so you can refer to it if you get nervous, lose your place, or are emotional. You can also give it to the family so they remember just what you said when they want to look back on the day later on. They might feel as if they are in a fog at the time and reading your words even more can mean a lot.


Infuse Humor Where Appropriate

Eulogies can be made more memorable with a little humor here and there. You can tell a funny story about your loved one that really shows their personality or you can tell a joke that reminds you of them. Those lighter moments can make the eulogy shine as something special that stands out.

When you are invited to speak at a funeral for someone you know, it’s a real honor the family is placing on you. The professionals at funeral homes in Mount Holly, NJ are there to help you with ideas, advice, and answers to your questions as you get ready for the upcoming service.

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