Grief Myths Funeral Homes Dispel

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If you haven’t lost a loved one before or have been through the grieving process in the past, funeral homes in Mount Holly, NJ completely understand that there are certain things you might believe about grief that are actually myths. There are plenty of pieces of misinformation out there and you can cling to any of them available to you. But it’s better to know the truth so that when you face grief yourself or are trying to help a friend through it, you know what’s what.


Grief’s End Can Be Marked On The Calendar

It would be very nice if you could mark a date on the calendar and that would be the day your grief takes the sidelines and you feel better about your life moving forward. But grief just doesn’t work that way. You might start to feel better in a month, or it might take a year. It’s different for everyone and every situation. If you lost a loved one in the past, it might have taken a certain amount of time. This time around, it could be completely different. Grief is a unique creature.


The Five Stages Move Along The Same Way

You’ve likely heard about the five stages of grief, and perhaps you know them well. While the five stages are something you might like to follow and think about, they aren’t necessarily going to follow a step-by-step pattern as you might like them to. You may not move seamlessly from one to the next as you grieve. Instead, you might move back and forth between two stages. Or, you might skip one stage completely and get stuck in another one. Don’t expect the stages to showcase themselves the same way in each person.


Avoiding Emotions Will Make It Pass

funeral homes in Mount Holly, NJ Some people show their emotions with ease while others bottle things up. Avoiding your emotions won’t make them go away. Actually, it can make things worse. You might think that ignoring something will make it pass faster. If you can’t see it, it’s not there, right? Wrong. Emotions that fester can actually make the grief worse and make it last longer. Cremation is a cost-effective way to go.


Family Will Always Support You Through It

Your family is going to be there for you through thick and thin, but even though their support is something you can count on when you are grieving, it might not be enough to get you through this hard time. You may need a grief counselor, for example, a grief support group, a journal that helps you to write things out, and so on. It’s okay to reach out for more support from other avenues if your family isn’t able to fill all of the gaps.

When you work with funeral homes in Mount Holly, NJ on a loved one’s final services, they are there to help you with your loved one’s care, but also your own emotions. If you have questions about grief or need more resources, you can ask them for those things, and more, as well.



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