Taking Pictures At The Funeral Home-Yes Or No?

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There are certain lines of etiquette you are going to want to consider when you are attending a final service at funeral homes Lumberton, NJ. You are going to want to dress properly, for example, and you will want to speak in a hushed tone so you don’t bother others. What does etiquette say about taking pictures? Here are some hints.


Yes, When You Are Touring And Want To Show Family Spaces Later

If you are visiting a funeral home in order to see what spaces they have available to your family for a funeral or memorial service, by all means, you can take pictures of those spaces to share with your family. As long as no one is using the spaces and you aren’t getting other people who might be there for services in the shots, it should be okay. Ask the funeral director to give you the tour for permission, but it should be just fine.


No, If There Are Mourners Around

There might be certain rooms you can get a peak of, but you should never take pictures of them, or the hallway or other areas if there are other mourners around. You might be there for a tour, but other people are there saying goodbye to someone. Taking pictures of their grieving period is disrespectful and needs to be avoided.


Yes, After A Service, Of Flowers, With Family Permission

When you attend a funeral service, you might want to take a picture of a flower arrangement that you sent with a group of friends so you can show everyone what you pitched in to get. Ask the family if it’s okay, but as long as the service is completed, it should be fine. Just make sure you don’t get any people in the shot unsuspectingly.


funeral homes Lumberton, NJ No, During The Service

During the funeral service, you should not take pictures, even if you know the person giving the eulogy. This is a moment that you will want to soak in and be present for without trying to take any photos to remind you of things later. You can use the bulletin to remind you of what took place and pictures of your loved one to remember them. Don’t take any pictures during the service, for sure.


Yes, With Family Groups Later

Once the funeral is over, you might move on to a reception, or just mill around the funeral home, talking to family and catching up. You can take pictures with willing family members since you don’t often all get together in one place.


No, Candids Of People Mourning

Any time there are people mourning, you need to keep your camera firmly put away. No candid shots of people going through a hard time are appropriate. You wouldn’t want someone talking to one of you when you are emotional, so do the same for them.

When you are visiting funeral homes Lumberton, NJ for a tour, or for services, this guideline can help you decide when to take pictures and when to avoid them.


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