What Kind Of Food Should You Have At A Cremation Service?

Posted on March 20, 2023 by Perinchief Chapels under Cremations
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When you have cremation services in Mount Holly, NJ for a loved one, you can have any kind of memorial you want for that person. Whether you have something traditional, or something that feels more celebratory in nature, you can have food as part of the service, or afterward as more of a reception. Here are some of the food options to consider for those services.

Formal Plated Meals

You might want to have a formal, sit-down, plated meal at the reception or for the memorial service. This is something you can hire caterers and servers to take care of. Or, volunteers can cook and serve the meal for your family. Having a plated meal like this might be relaxing for your family members. It can be a nice way to kick back, share memories with one another, and enjoy a meal without having to do much more.

Buffet Style Options

Buffets are a nice way to have a meal at a reception, or during a memorial service. You can have the food available to your family at any time. People can get the food right away when they arrive, or they can wait and go through the line later on. They can also take as much or as little of each option as they want, which can cut back on food waste. You can have the meal catered, and there can be a few servers in hand, but buffets often cost less than other catered options. You can also have volunteers set up the meal as well.

cremation services in Mount Holly, NJ Sandwich Stations

You don’t have to have anything fancy in order to offer good options to your guests. You could simply have sandwich stations at the reception or during the memorial service. You might have meat and cheese trays so people can make their own sandwiches. Or, you could have sandwiches that are already made so people can grab them whenever they are ready. You can add some salads, drinks, chips, and desserts, and the meal is easy and complete.

Potluck Style

It’s nice to include more people in the meal and if you have a potluck for the reception, or for the meal during the memorial service, you can ask everyone who attends to bring something to share. It’s a nice way to include more people in the planning and to get a variety of options for the guests. The potluck is also something that a friend can organize and take care of for you, perhaps.

Ordering At A Restaurant

Another simple way to have the meal is to gather the family and close friends in a private room in a restaurant you enjoy and just let everyone order what they want. You can cover the costs with memorial funds, or everyone can pay their own way. It’s a nice way to give everyone a meal they will enjoy around the cremation services in Mount Holly, NJ for your loved one.

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